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  • Are your products vegan?
    Yes, all Güteskin products are completely vegan and cruelty free!

    Do you test on animals?
    No way! We are 100% cruelty free and our values will never align with animal testing - we test on volunteer friends and family only!

    I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?
    Yes! Our products were created with all skin types in mind. However, we always recommend patch testing 48 hours before use just as a precaution. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately.

    I'm pregnant, can I use your products?
    Congratulations! Although all Güteskin products were created to be all inclusive with no nasties or harsh chemicals, our serum does contain a tiny amount of natural essential oils. If you have any concerns, please consult with your health practitioner before use.


  • How do I use your serum?
    We recommend applying 1-2 pumps on your face and décolletage morning and night. Apply after cleansing and toning but before moisturising. However, our serum is suitable for use anytime of day or night so go ahead and top up anytime you like, particularly in the dryer winter months. Remember, as a general rule, skincare products are typically applied in order of lightest to heaviest, usually making serums the first to be applied after cleansing.

    What are probiotics?
    Probiotics are microorganisms that are beneficial to us.

    Are probiotics safe to use on skin?
    Absolutely! In fact, research shows probiotics are helpful in treating a variety of skin conditions and can help balance, protect and rejuvenate skin overall.

    What role do probiotics play in skincare?
    Having more of the good stuff can help tip the scales in your favour! Probiotics often actively compete with bad bacteria, meaning if the bad guys are around, there’s less and less room for them to thrive as the good guys take over. Not only that but certain strains have been found to increase hydration and rejuvenation, balance skin pH levels, improve skin immunity and even reduce symptoms of inflammation. Basically, Mother Nature has provided the ultimate skincare! So what are you waiting for?!

    Where is your serum made?
    Güteskin is proudly Australian owned and our serum is formulated and manufactured right here in Australia.

    How does your serum smell?
    We made the choice not to use any artificial fragrances in our probiotic serum. Instead it has a subtle scent of natural lavender, grapefruit and orange. Although our serum may not smell like designer perfume, at the end of the day we can assure you our formula doesn't compromise on natural, wholesome ingredients in exchange for artificial fragrance - your skin will thank us in the long run!

  • How do I operate the Collagen Mask Maker?
    There are detailed instructions included with the Mask Maker. Please read them carefully before operating. If you have any additional questions on how to use the machine, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

    How often should I use the Mask Maker?
    This is totally up to you! The masks are completely customisable so you can tailor them to your requirements and use them as frequently as you like and feel comfortable.

    What temperature water should I use with the machine?
    Using room temperature water is best - around 20-30 degrees.

    Should I use boiling water (100 degrees) to clean the machine?
    No, room temperature water should be used when cleaning the machine as the device automatically regulates the temperature of the water inserted. Using boiling water may cause damage, severely affecting the life and performance of your device.

    Can I use whole pieces of fruit, vegetables, grains etc. in my mask?
    Any nutrient solution added to the device should be liquified or blended into a smooth liquid consistency before inserting. Any large, chunky or grainy ingredients may block the machine.

    Can I put more than 80ml of solution in the device?
    No, the maximum amount of solution added to the device should be 80ml. Whether made up of a combination of 60ml water and 20ml nutrient solution for mask making or 80ml of pure water for cleaning mode, the total should not exceed a volume of 80ml.

    What do i do if I have accidentally overfilled the machine?
    Immediately disconnect the machine from the power and press the release button to release the excess liquid. Ensure the machine is completely dry before using again.

    What do i do if the solution hasn’t covered the entire mask plate?
    Use the plastic spatula provided to evenly distribute the solution and cover the whole mask plate.

    Can i use viscous ingredients such as honey in my mask?
    Yes, you can but please ensure you dilute the honey before inserting it into the machine. It should be diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio.

    What can I do if the device is full of water but I haven’t switched it to cleaning mode?
    You can press the control key twice to convert the device to cleaning mode.

    I haven’t used the machine in a while, am i still able to use it?
    Yes, we just recommend running a cleaning cycle prior to mask making if the device has been unused for 5 days or more.

    Can I use alternative collagen peptide tablets with my machine?
    No, our collagen peptides are specifically designed for our machine and we cannot guarantee the safety, compatibility or efficacy of alternatives.

    How do I enter clean mode?
    Ensure the device is empty, then press the control key. If the device is not empty, you can switch the mode between mask making and cleaning by double clicking the control key.

    Can I adjust or swap the volume of water and nutrient solution needed to create my mask?
    No, this is not recommended. The volume of water, nutrient solution and collagen peptide have been carefully optimised to create the perfect mask. Altering any of these quantities may affect the safety or quality of the mask or even damage the machine.

    I forgot to expel the mask solution and now it has solidified in the mixing chamber. What do i do?
    Don’t worry, turn the device on and press the control key to begin the heating process. The heating cycle should take approximately 5 minutes. Once it is complete, press the control key to repeat the heating process again. This ensures the mask is completely melted and is able to be expelled. Press the release button to let the mask solution flow into the mask maker plate or any other vessel you have allocated. WARNING: Proceed with caution as the solution may be extremely hot. Following this, we recommend using the scrub brush provided to clean inside the device chamber as well as running two or more cleaning cycles consecutively before the next use.


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