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Here at Güteskin we've always had a passion for all things science and skincare. We back what's proven and what works but just because we back science, doesn't mean we can't also back nature. 

Not very long ago, the nephew of our co-founder was diagnosed with a heart condition and underwent open heart surgery at just 7 months old and was left with a fierce battle scar running along his entire chest. Although we like to think of his scar as a symbol of his bravery and strength, we couldn't ignore the fact that it also served as a painful memory to a very scary time in life.

We set about to find something that would aid his recovery and hoped to fade the scar and the memories of trying times with it. We knew it wouldn't be easy finding something natural and safe to use on his delicate skin so we decided to create something ourselves. Utilising our co-founder’s background in biomedical science, we combined our knowledge of the human body with our passion for skincare and created a series of natural, probiotic infused oils to aid in his skin recovery. It’s important to note, we always prioritised his safety and sought advice from a health professional first! We would never risk jeopardising our little mans recovery in any way.

As we diligently stuck to his skin routine, meticulously monitoring his recovery and skin journey. Seeing his amazing results, we had a thought. What if we cared as much about what went on our skin as adults? It was so important to us to use only natural, gentle ingredients. Ingredients that were proven and effective. That improved, protected and nourished the skin microbiome. Where were these products available for us grown-ups? So the dream was born.

Say hello to GÜTESKIN - skincare designed by Mother Nature. 

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